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Last Update:2017-08-16

We deal mainly in eco-friendly & recycled PET fabrics and products. PET is recycled PET bottles after consumption.
At Ecomax, we can provide you with fabrics that appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Our R&D team leaders have 35 years of experience each, helping us to create new and innovative products.

Why recycled polyester and not other sustainable fabrics?
Why not cotton? Current worldwide demand for textile fibers of over 70 million tons per annum cannot be met by natural fibers alone.
Furthermore, RPET polyester fabric has a 50% lower carbon footprint than organic cotton. RPET polyester fabric has a 75% lower carbon footprint than polyester.

Product Features:
1. Using the most eco-friendly
2. Recycling from used PET bottles to recycled fabrics
3. Reducing the burden to earth and protecting our environment.

Supplying to International Brands
Now you can cash in on the trend towards eco-friendly products, just as our clients including Coca-Cola, Nike, M&S, NEXT and Tesco are doing. Our water-repellent & function fabrics are ideal for producing high-performance sports and leisure apparel. The PET bottles can also be made into gloves, bags, shoes, garments and decorative accessories.

Basic Information

  • Company Name:ECOMAX TEXTILE CO., LTD.
  • Business Type:Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM
  • Year Established:1968
  • Brand:Petspun


Official Records

Official Records from Taiwan International Trade Shows
  • TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Malaysia
    TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Malaysia

    Booth No.: 407

  • TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Indonesia
    TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Indonesia

    Booth No.: 097

  • Giftionery Taipei
    Giftionery Taipei

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