Black Bamboo Coal Mother Trousers EBW-3101

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Key Features

Product Name: Black Bamboo Coal Mother Trousers EBW-3101

Model No.: EBW-3101

Product Category: Life Hall

Material: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber85% Spandex15%

Size: Free Size

Black Bamboo Coal Mother Trousers






1.Made in Taiwan

2. Deodorant antibacterial, breathable moisture.

3. Bears the laundering: The bamboo coal textile fiber belongs ermanent, not laundering influence.

Coal gauze process:

Carbonization → Grind → Pumping Cotton → Fabric blending → Weaving

Commodity introduction:

    Taiwan's bamboo charcoal fiber is the raw material, through thousands of degrees Celsius to burn into charcoal, and through specially.

    Our  fabrics are made from the bamboo charcoal by the textile technologies, like drawnwork, twist spins and so on,therefore our fabrics have the antibacterial function because they include the excellent function from bamboo charcoal.

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