Hiking/Jogging Sock AB-0010A

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  • Gender :Unisex
  • Size type:Regular
  • Material:Other
  • Length:Ankle
  • Color:Other
  • Product Type:Other

Key Features

Product Name: Hiking/Jogging Sock AB-0010A

Model No.: AB-0010A

Product Category: Bamboo Charcoal Products

Material: TB 33% Cotton 9% Nylon 53% Lycra5%

Color: Yellow、Blue、Pink、Black、White

Size: Free Size

Product Originl: Taiwan

  • Magic socks: Lycra yarn end of soft material, suitable for all foot sizes, activities do not fall, tight
  • Adequate surface protection layer: breathable mesh weave to reduce the generation and keep the foot dry and squeeze point; and a foot plate straps, soles of the feet to prevent sliding fixed
  • Toe and heel: protected areas, specially designed to reduce the activity of the friction, thermal effects concurrently

  • Toe plate protective layer: to reduce the impact force absorption and to prevent scratches, reduce pain

  • Features: comfortable, absorbent, breathable shock absorption to reduce friction, protect the foot, with anti-bacterial effect.

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