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Bamboo Vinegar:

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What is Organic Bamboo Vinegar?

Doctors today are turning more and more to natural ingredients to help relieve common ailments that afflict people each day. After years of using technological amenities, doctors have begun using ingredients found in nature to address their patient's problems.

Many of these ingredients are ancient items that have been used in the Asian culture for centuries. One of the products used in the natural market today is organic bamboo vinegar. Known as chikusaku in Japan, organic bamboo vinegar is a natural liquid, derived from the condensation procured in bamboo charcoal production.

The vinegar, often used in diluted form, is known to better the condition of the skin, hair and body. This is because the vinegar is made up of many nutrients that are naturally extracted from the bamboo plant, which in recent years has proven to offer numerous medicinal benefits to users.

For years, bamboo vinegar has been a main ingredient in detox foot pads, which are used to draw out toxins from the body. Many don't know the undocumented amounts of toxins found in the human and the negative impact they can have on a person's health and well being.

How is Bamboo Vinegar Produced?

Bamboo vinegar is produced through the natural act of carbonization, which occurs when bamboo is heated in an airless container during bamboo charcoal production. The vapors, or smoke, that come from this process become condensed once cooled down which produces the vinegar.

After several filtering processes, the bamboo vinegar produced will have many healthful benefits to improve your health and beauty, especially when disposing of unnecessary waste in the body.  Despite its name, bamboo vinegar often produces a smoky scent rather than a tangy or sour one due to this process.

It is classified as vinegar because of the high count of acidic compounds found in the liquid. Along with these acids, the vinegar often contains 80-90% water along with some 200 organic compounds. The accumulation of these compounds is what allows the solution to remove unnecessary waste from the body.

Health Benefits of Organic Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo Vinegar

Because of its natural abundance of organic nutrients, organic bamboo vinegar is an especially good method to pull out toxins in the body. Although acetic and formic acids are often found in bamboo vinegar, it is a relatively mild compound that has a variety of health benefits that especially aid in detoxification, sanitation and improvements in circulation.

However, it is vital that the vinegar is only used externally as it is inedible. But don't worry; the liquid rarely causes skin irritations.

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