Natural Bamboo Vinegar Shower gel.

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Product Name: Natural Bamboo Vinegar Shower Gel (for all types of skin)

Model No.: SP-0021

Size: 500ml

Suitable for women, men and children

Deep clean, soften keratin, firm & nourish skin


The unique natural bamboo vinegar extract from the world recognized best Taiwan Mao Bamboo is added. The light acidic recipe deep cleans skin. It strengthens skin protective membranes, locks hydration and moist skin. It cleans up dirt in pores and softens keratins. It contracts pores and firms skin. After washing, skin becomes soft and shiny, and one will feel cool and comfortable. It is good to sensitive skin.


Wash body with water. Press appropriate amount of shower gel onto palm. Rub body until it foams. Then, the body is clean. Rinse body.

You may obtain best results if you use our products like Bamboo Charcoal bathing ball or Bamboo Charcoal towel to rub body. This may clean your body better. In addition, it may promote body health and stabilize emotions. In  ordinary bathing circumstances, you need not press the handle of the bottle all the way down to avoid getting too much shower gel.


1. Keep out of reach of children.

2. If abnormal features occur on skin, stop using the product, rinse thoroughly with water, and seek medical advice.

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